Roderic Gibson

Armoni Johnson


Micah Todd

Naej Noze

Courtney Williams

Bria Clark

Larry Keen II, Ph.D.

Christina Butts

Associate Professor in Psychology; PNIRD Lab Director

(804) 524-5523

Research Interest: Dr. Keen research interests include examining the psychoneuroimmunological influences of substance use and neurocognitive performance in community-based and young adult samples. Dr. Keen also has research interests in substance use patterns in young adults and their associations with psychological and autonomic nervous system markers.

Bahati Bridges

Christen Priddie

Bridget Blackshear

Briana Byrd

Graduate Students

Previous Students

Destine Williams

Dajah Scutchings

Gwenna Blanden

Jonae Crump

As a Senior psychology major at Virginia State University, my research interest includes childhood behavior, developmental psychopathology, and statistical analysis. My career goal is to become an adolescent clinical psychologist, performing and administering assessments for diagnosis.

Nasreen Rehmani

Aja Gullatte

Mara Ramirez Ruiz

Georgia Williams, B.S.

​​As a first year graduate student in the Clinical Health Psychology program at Virginia State University, my clinical interests include executive function and interventions for children with Autism or developmental delays.  My goal is to work with children with Autism or developmental delays by providing neuropsychological assessments and beneficial interventions.

Undergraduate Students

Brittany Byrd

Dominique Dover

Gabrielle Williams

Lauren Rogers


Psychoneuroimmunology of Risk and Disease Laboratory​​

Brianna Powell

Toni Harris, Ph.D.
Associate Professor in Psychology

(804) 524-5523

Research interest: Dr. Harris examines individual and familial factors that contribute to healthy food and beverage consumption.  She is also interested in familial and environmental predictors of cognitive outcomes in early childhood.

Arlener D. Turner, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor in Psychology
(773) 339-1797

Research interest: Dr. Turner's research interest involves chronic conditions of aging that disproportionally affect older African Americans, such as depression and HIV. Dr. Turner also has interests in psychoneuroimmunological influences on individuals living with HIV and the aging population.

Lauren George, M.S.

As a third-year graduate student in the Clinical Health Psychology program at Virginia State University, my research and clinical interests include executive function, depression, and risk factors of neurodegenerative disorders in the adult and elderly populations. My goal is to work with the adult and geriatric populations with neurodegenerative disorders, providing neuropsychological assessment and contributing to preventative research for Alzheimer’s Disease.