Psychoneuroimmunology of Risk and Disease Laboratory​​

Cannabis Nexus Initiative

The Cannabis Nexus initiative (CNI) is a funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse of the National Institutes of Health (Award #: R15DA052886) that looks to expose undergraduate students to biomedical research through various professional development activities, including a research study/project. 

The purpose of the CNI Project is to examine the association between cannabis use and autonomic activity. The study includes a Phase I (baseline) visit to assess various psychophysiological factors, including substance use, physical activity, sleep quality, and heart rate variability. If the participant qualifies they will be able to take part in Phase II, which includes the participant wearing a smart watch for three days to assess long-term heart rate.

If you are interested or have other inquiries regarding the CNI Project, feel free to contact the PNIRD Lab at 804-524-1044 (office) or pnirdlab@gmail.com.